Surgeon’s Loop Knot

How to Tie the Surgeon’s Loop Knot

The Surgeons Loop Knot is very quick and easy to tie a loop at the end of a line or in the bight of a line. It is very strong and extremely secure. However, if tied into a rope or line and weight has been applied to the knot, it is extremely difficult to undo.

In fact I saw a post the other day, where someone was asking for advice on how to undo the Surgeon’s Loop. It turns out that a friend of his borrowed the rope. He had tied a Surgeon’s loop in the middle of the rope. The Surgeon’s Loop was then subjected to some heavy loading. It would appear that the loop was locked fast! So, if using this knot, treat with caution.

Surgeon’s Loop Knot

Surgeon’s Loop Knot for Fishing

As the Surgeon’s Loop is so secure, it is often used by fishermen. I will admit that I am not a fisherman, but the Surgeons Loop serves two purposes. Firstly, the loop at the end of a line allows an artificial lure or fly to move about naturally on the end of the line. Secondly, it can also be used as a loop to loop connection, the same way as you would connect two rubber bands.

How to Tie the Double Loop Knot

Sometimes the Surgeon’s Loop is also known as the Double Loop. I am assuming that this is due to the fact that it is tied with a double overhand knot, as opposed to having two loops?

Surgeon’s Loop Knot Video Tutorial

How to Tie thee Surgeon’s Loop Knot Video


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