Bosun’s Whistle Lanyard Knot Keyring How to Tie

How to Tie the Bosun’s Call Lanyard Knot

I wonder if this knot has the most names, as in Ashley’s Book of Knots it calls it the following: The Sailor’s Knife Lanyard Knot, Marlingspike Lanyard Knot, Single-Strand Diamond Knot, Two-Strand Diamond Knot, and Bosun’s Whistle Knot. Many sailors object the the name whistle, as in fact it is referred to as the Bosun’s Call or the Bosun’s Pipe.

Bosuns Call Lanyard Knot

How to Tie a Decorative Knife Lanyard

If you want a very simple but decorative lanyard for your knife, then this lanyard knot makes a great addition to your knife. This lanyard knot can also be doubled, which is also shown in the video below.

How to Tie the Bosun’s Call Lanyard Knot Video

Here is a short video that I have done to tie a simple keyring using the Bosuns Whistle Lanyard Knot Keyring. This particular knot is also in Des Pawsons Knotcraft Book. (Click Link). If you are interested in decorative knotwork, then this book is packed full of useful projects. The video will show you how to tie the Two Strand Diamond Knot and also how to do the doubled version of this knot.

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