Clove Hitch Knot How to Tie

Clove Hitch

How to Tie the Clove Hitch

A very quick short video on how to tie the clove hitch knot. A fast and easy way to secure a line to a stanchion or pole. This knot is often used to temporarily secure a fender over the side of a boat. Unfortunately this knot is not totally secure and the knot can come undone if the loaded end is in motion. A more reliable knot in this case would be a round turn and two half hitches. However, for short term use the Clove Hitch is adequate. If the load is constant, this knot will not slip. the clove hitch is often used as the starting knot tying down heavy loads.

The clove hitch is also often use decorative rope work as a starting knot, as it has a very low profile when tied. It is also often use when starting off seizing.

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