Common Whipping How to Tie

Common Whipping

How to Tie Common Whipping

Here is a short video that I have done demonstrating how Common Whipping can be used as a covering knot. I personally think there is nothing better than seeing the end of a rope with some form of whipping. My personal favourite is the Sailmaker’s Whipping as it is very easy to tie and slightly more decorative than the Common Whipping.

Preventing the End of a Rope Fraying with Whipping

Common Whipping or any other whipping is a great way of preventing the end of a rope from fraying. More often than not, whipping the end of a rope is preferable especially if the rope is to be passed through say a block. Otherwise another way of stopping the end of a rope from fraying would be to back splice the rope.

Types of Rope Whipping

Types of Ro[e Whipping

Common, Spiral, Sailmaker’s and Snaking

Common Whipping Video

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