Moku Hitching

How to Tie Moku Hitching

Moku Hitching or the Moku knot, is very similar to French Hitching or French Whipping. With French Hitching a single strand of cordage is used to create a decorative spiral pattern over an objects. In the photo below you will see French hitching over my Kit Bag lock:

Moku Hitching

Similar to French Hitching, Moku Hitching is done using two strands going in opposite directions. As the Moku hitching spirals round an object it will cross over the opposite hitching at regular intervals.

What is Moku Hitching Used For

Moku Hitching is more often than not used as a decorative way to cover an object. Often Hiking Staffs are covered with Moku Hitching for decoration and also as a nice firm grip for a handle.

Sometimes, If you have a split in a hiking staff, Moku Hitching can be a great way of closing the split and also covering it with a lovely decorative pattern.

How to Moku Hitch Video

Here you will find a little video that I did on Moku Hitching. This particular decorative knot is so easy to learn and it also does not take long to cover an object with decorative rope work. I would say, when tying the Moku Hitch, just take a little extra care when the two weaves cross over. Of course you want your work to look smart and symmetrical!!


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