Star Knot How to Tie

Star Knot Tutorial

How to Tie a Star Knot

When I first saw the star knot, I was very reluctant to learn how to tie this. However, as my knotting skills improved, I felt that it may be time to learn how to tie the star knot. Once I had learned to tie it once, I discovered that it was a sequence of a few loops and tucks. Which were repeated throughout the process. Once I had learned how to tie the star knot loosely, I soon discovered that the hardest part of tying the star knot was knowing where each lead went within the knot.

I think that this is one of those knots takes a little time to master, but once successful it is hard to forget!

I I have now done a number of videos showing how to tie the star knot and I will list them all in this section below. I am sure that one of these videos will teach you how to tie the star knot.

Small Star Knot for a Knife Lanyard

This is a small star knot that I am currently making for a knife lanyard. The cord that I am using is 2mm diameter and this creates a Star Knot approximately 22mm in diameter. The next step on this star knot will be to crown the protruding ends and then tuck them back down the centre of the star knot.

Star Knot 2mm Black Tarred Line

How to Tie a Star Knot Video

There are a number of different videos on tying the star knot here. Just take a glance at each one to see which version of tying the star knot suits you best.

How to Tie a Six Pointed Star Knot Video

In this star knot video, I use a good large chunky rope, that I hope you will find easy to follow. In this video I will guide you through the whole process of creating a star knot.

How to Tie the Star Knot Using Coloured Cord

Some people did request that I used coloured cord for making a star knot, so here is the video on just that. If you find following in just one colour a little confusing, then maybe this star knot video will help out more.


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