Timber Hitch

How to Tie the Timber Hitch

The Timber Hitch is also known as the Lumberman’s Knot and Countryman’s Knot, when finished with a Half Hitch this is then known as the Killick Hitch.

Timber Hitch with Killick Hitch

Timber Hitch with Killick Hitch

ABoK 271 Killick Hitch

ABoK 271 Killick Hitch

Don’t let the name fool you, this little knot has lots of uses. Because of the low profile of the knot, it is great for starting decorative knot work. A superb gripping knot for lifting cylindrical objects or piles of cylindrical gear.

The thing to remember about the Timber Hitch for it to work properly, where the rope it wrapped around itself, it need to be evenly space around the loop of the the hitch. Sometimes you see a photo of the timber hitch where the cordage that is wrapped around is all bunched up together and this is wrong.

Timber Hitch Video Tutorial


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