Toggle Button Knot

Toggle Button Knot

How to Tie the Toggle Button Knot

This is probably one of the easiest of the button knots to tie. It also has a great characteristic of being “T” shaped. Because of the T shape of the knot, it makes it a lower profile than say the Bosun’s Call Lanyard Knot.

Paracord Bracelet Without Buckles

The Toggle Button Knot is a great way of making Paracord Bracelets without Buckles. Very often Paracord Bracelets are made with Buckles, but the Toggle Button Knot allows you to do away with having to use a buckle. In the video at the end, I give a simple outline how a Paracord Bracelet can be made using the Toggle Button Knot.

Paracord Bracelet Jig

If you do take up this hobby of making bracelets from Paracord, you may well be interested inĀ  using the jig shown below. The great thing about this jig is that it not only holds your lines for you, but it also allows you to make Paracord Bracelets to the correct and constant sizes.

Paracord and Jig
Jig Great tool that assists you with making Paracord bracelets.
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Paracord Assorted as a starter kit?
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Toggle Button Knot Video Tutorial

Originally shown and developed by Shirley de Shutter in 2013.

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