Transom Knot for Seizing and Lashing Poles etc at Right Angles







Transom Knot

Have you ever wanted to say tie a round object like a torch to a pole, or one pole to another pole at right angles securely? Well, then this is a real nifty knot to know!! So #LetsGetKnotting

The Transom Knot is not too far removed from the Constrictor Knot. It also has great gripping qualities and can also be rather difficult to untie.

ABoK 1255. The Transom Knot (see also #1182) was originally made to hold together the two cross sticks of my daughter’s kite. It will also serve well in rope but does not untie easily. If more strength is required another knot of the same kind may be tied on the back at right angles to the first.

How to Tie a Transom Knot Video Tutorial

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