Tugboat Hitch

Tugboat Hitch

How to Tie the Tugboat Hitch

In this video I show how to tie the tugboat hitch, as shown to me by John D Rae. Judging by some of the comments that this video has received on Youtube, it would appear that this is one of those knots that has some slight variations. John what shown the tugboat hitch by an old tugboat captain, who tied this knot without doing a round turn around the post at the beginning. However, so viewers have said that they did incorporate a round turn to start with. Having mess around a little with this hitch, I can see that it is very secure without the round turn. However, when the hitch is under load and being released, I found that the round turn gave a little more control on releasing.

In this video below I show how the tugboat hitch is tied without the initial round turn. If you want, just add it to your way of tying it.

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