Turks Head 4 Bight Long

4 Bight Long Turks Head

How to Tie a 4 Bight Long Turks Head

This particular method is a great way of wrapping an object with a long Turks Head. I often use a two bight version of this Turks Head, but find that if the object being covered is too wide, then a 4 Bight Turks Head works better. If you are starting out tying a long Turks Head, I would say start with a 2 Bight Turks Head, as it is slightly easier to master.

How to Tie a Long 4 Bight Turks Head Video

In this video I demonstrate how to tie a 4 Bight Turks to use as a wrap on say. a hiking stick. I often find that the 4 Bight Turks Head looks good when you do three passes and the middle pass is a different colour to the two outer ones

Forming a Long Turks Head on a Mandrel

If I have a preference, I always try to tie my Turks Heads on my hand or if that is not possible on a piece of pipe. The thing to remember is, the pipe you need to use should always be slightly bigger than the object to which the Turks Head will eventually be adorned. I just tie the Turks Head on a piece of pipe and then once I have completed the first pass of the Turks Head, I then transfer this to the object where the Turks Head will be a permanent resident. Once on, I will then proceed to add the additional passes, before the laborious task of going round and gently tightening the Turks Head. A top tip for when creating a Turks Head with a number of passes, centre your line and start your Turks Head from that point. This will save you having to pull all the cordage through on the first pass.

Long 4 Bight Turks Head on Mandrel

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  1. I enjoyed the video I can’t say there would be anything you could have done to make it better. Good job !! I will definitely try this on my walking cane. Thank you for teaching us your knit tying expertise

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