Turks Head 4 Bight Long

4 Bight Long Turks Head

How to Tie a 4 Bight Long Turks Head

This particular method is a great way of wrapping an object with a long Turks Head. I often use a two bight version of this Turks Head, but find that if the object being covered is too wide, then a 4 Bight Turks Head works better. If you are starting out tying a long Turks Head, I would say start with a 2 Bight Turks Head, as it is slightly easier to master.

Turks Head 4 Bight Long Video

In this video I demonstrate how to tie a 4 Bight Turks to use as a wrap on say. a hiking stick. I often find that the 4 Bight Turks Head looks good when you do three passes and the middle pass is a different colour to the two outer ones.

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