Zeppelin Bend

Zeppelin Bend

What is the Zeppelin Bend Used For

The Zeppelin Bend is used to join two ropes together. One of the advantages of using the Zeppelin Bend, is that it can easily be untied even if it has been subject to heavy loading. However, one problem is that it can not, or be easily undone if under load.

How to Tie the Zeppelin Bend

The Zeppelin Bend is extremely easy to tie, in fact if you remember “69” then this is one knot that will be rather difficult to forget to tie, once you have learnt to tie the Zeppelin Bend.

Once the Zeppelin Bend has been tied and nicely dressed, this particular bend is fairly resistant to being shaken loose. Also another characteristic is that once tied, you can easily recognise if it has been tied correctly.

How to Tie the Zeppelin Bend Video

In this short video, you will see just how easy it is to tie the Zeppelin Bend. Just remember 69 and all will be good.

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