Zeppelin Loop Bungee Jumping

Zeppelin Loop

How to Tie the Zeppelin Loop

The Zeppelin loop or Zeppelin Eye knot, is a very secure and jam resistant fixed size loop knot which is based on the Zeppelin Bend. It would also appear to be of the few eye knots suitable for bungee jumping. Which must mean that it is a very secure loop knot, that does not easily shake loose. Another plus for the Zeppelin Loop is that it is easy to untie, even when it has been put under extreme load.

Zeppelin Loop or Zeppelin Eye Knot – One of a few Knots used in Bungee Jumping

If you are reading this, and know a little about the Zeppelin Loop, could you please inform me if there is a quick way of tying this knot? I have to say that it is a lovely loop knot, but it takes me a number of goes to burn it into my tiny little brain!

How to Tie the Zeppelin Loop Video


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