World Knot Tying Day

18/12/2019 all-day
World Knot Tying Day

World Knot Tying Day

Use the Hash Tag: #WorldKnotTyingDay

Clifford Ashley, who wrote the Ashley Book of Knots was born on 18 December 1881. So the IGKT members thought that it would be a good idea to make the 18 December World Knot Tying Day.

Keeping the Art Knot Tying Alive

The whole purpose to keep knot tying activities in the public eye. This year we aim to keep things simple, but we welcome ideas that may need longer planning for future years to celebrate World Knot Tying Day.

Knot Tying Event

This year, please tie your favourite knot and also learn a new knot. Maybe also teach someone how to tie a knot? Even teaching someone to tie their shoe laces fits the criteria perfectly.

When you have tied your knot, please post it on your favourite social media site and Hash Tag it:



Half Hitching a Bottle



World Knot Tying Day — 7 Comments

  1. I emailed news of this initiative to Robert Underhill (Australian branch), who got straight back to me to say he was on to it.

  2. Thanks Geoffrey. I think we need to encourage people to use the Hashtag #WorldKnotTyingDay this way all participants work will show up in a Hashtag search?

  3. This is a great idea. In an aspect of my industry(entertainment, theatre, rigging) we have use Ashleys Book many times abd for many reasons. Thank you.

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