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I think that every knot posted on this site, is covered in my Knotting Videos on YouTube

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International Guild of Knot Tyers Links

International Guild of Knot Tyers
International Guild of Knot Tyers Form

IGKT Branches:

IGKT – Midlands Branch
IGKT – Surrey Branch
IGKT – North American
IGKT – Texas
IGKT – Pacific Americas
IGKT – France
IGKT – Germany
IGKT – Southern Ontario


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  1. thank you for sharing all this valuable information!…i want to know if these knots are suitable for leather cording? i use leather cording in my jewelry work and would love to add knotting to give some visual texture…

    • Some of the knots work well with leather, especially the decorative ones. You will often see a Turks Head done in leather also. I guess the only way to really tell, is have a go and see what works best.

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