Turks Head Chart

Turks Head Bights and Leads

When tying a Turk’s Head you may want to know what Lead and Bight configuration is possible. The white areas of the chart show the what Lead/Bights can be achieved:

Turks Head Chart








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Turks Head Tool

The tools shown in the photo below are for making Globe Knots and Turks Heads. These actual tools came with the Turks Head and Globe Knot Cookbook. The Turks Head tool is the middle one and the outer ones are for making Globe Knots.

Globe Knot and Turks Head Tools

If you have the skills to make the Turks Head Tool in the middle, you may also be interested in this site Advanced and Simple Knot Grid. With this tool and using that sites instructions, you will be able to make many different Bight and Lead Turks Heads

Turks Head Jig Dimensions

Sample Turks Head Chart

Here is a sample of a Turks Head chart that can be followed with the Turks Head Tool:

Knotting Book Recommendations

Ashley Book of Knot (ABoK) This really is the bible of all knots, consisting of over 600 pages and over 3000 diagrams Rating:
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Knot Craft and Rope Mats: 60 Ropework Projects Including 20 Mat Designs by Des Pawson Rating:
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The Marlinspike Sailor by Harvey Garret Smith If you are starting to build a collection of knotting books, then this is a great one to have in your library. Rating:
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A Practical Guide to Tying Knots by Geoffrey Budworth This book contains 75 bends, hitches, knots, bindings, loops, mats, plaits, rings and slings. Rating:
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