Creative Ropecraft by Stuart E Grainger, Book Review

Creative Ropecraft Book Review

Creative-Ropecraft-Stuart E Grainger

Although this is only a rather small book, I have to say that Creative Ropecraft by Stuart E Grainger, is one of my favorite books. Sometime ago I won this book in a raffle at an International Guild of Knot Tyer’s event.

Ever since then I have dived into this book, not only for inspiration, but also to remind myself on some of the techniques I had partially forgotten. I now seem to find that this book falls open at just the right section (maybe just coincidence?).

Creative Ropecraft Contents

The book starts off with the basics of, Cordage Characteristics. It then goes on to Bindings, Multi Strand Knot and also Splices. A little section on fancy single strand knot.
Then a whole section on Plaits and Sennits. Now this is the section that the book mostly falls open on. I so often have a number of strand that I want to turn into say, a multi strand flat or round sennit.
Multi-strand combination knots is the next section. This includes old favourites, such as the Matthew Walker Knot or the Manrope Knot etc.
Covering and Netting, showing Coachwhipping, grafting, hitching and then basic net making.
Ropecraft Design and Practical Projects, giving you some useful ideas on things to make using decorative knots.
I suppose this if the forerunner of Des Pawson’s book on knotwork.

Creative Ropecraft Book for Sale

At the time of writing this post, I am not able to locate anywhere that is currently selling this book. However, it does occasionally appear on Amazon and eBay, so it worth checking those sites on a regular basis. I am not sure that I would want to pay too much for the book, but if you do find it cheap, then snap it up!!

What is the Best Book for Knotting Projects

I think that without a doubt one of the best books still available to purchase is: Knot Craft and Rope Mats by Des Pawson. This book is packed with easy to follow knotting projects

Creative Ropecraft Book Review Video

Here is a short little video book review that I did on Creative Ropecraft by Stuart E Grainger

Recommender Knotting Books

You may also be interested in some of these knotting books. If you are interested in a book that is filled with decorative knotting projects, then I can recommend the book by Des Pawson below:

Ashley Book of Knot (ABoK) This really is the bible of all knots, consisting of over 600 pages and over 3000 diagrams Rating:
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Knot Craft and Rope Mats: 60 Ropework Projects Including 20 Mat Designs by Des Pawson Rating:
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The Marlinspike Sailor by Harvey Garret Smith If you are starting to build a collection of knotting books, then this is a great one to have in your library. Rating:
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A Practical Guide to Tying Knots by Geoffrey Budworth This book contains 75 bends, hitches, knots, bindings, loops, mats, plaits, rings and slings. Rating:
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