Knot Tying Meetings

Knotting Meeetings: Are held every second Tuesday of the even months (Wooden Netting NeedleFeb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) The Club is open from 1900 for a 1930 start.


the club is located on the lower quay at Fareham. To get there by road from J11 M27 take the Fareham centre exit continue on to the next roundabout (market round about) – take the first exit onto the Gosport road (you will see the water on your left) at the next roundabout take the first exit keep to the left until you reach the Castle in the Air pub – turn right at the pub continue on past the car park on your left (you can use the this car park to park your car) to the Sailing Club which is the second building on your left.


IGKT Solent
Lower Quay
PO16 0RA

The programme for the next meeting is published around two weeks before each meeting and can be found on the events page (on the day of the meeting).

Contact IGKT

If you would like more information regarding “IGKT – Solent” or the International Guild of Knot Tyers in general, then please contact us via eMail: (Just remove the X from either side of the @ sign).

IGKT Solent Meetings

IGKT Solent Meetings



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  1. I hope that you may be able to help me, please. A few years ago a friend bought a new traditional style sailing boat, rigged accordingly.

    One part of the rig required a piece of rope to be joined to another forming a ‘T’ and had to be non-slip. The handbook for the boat described how to tie the knot and gave its name…both of which I’ve forgotten. Although I’ve been around small boats for over 60 years, I’d never heard of this knot.

    I now have a use for this knot on my own boat…do you know its name?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    James Coleborn (Exmouth)

    • Hello James

      Many thanks for visiting this site. I do have a copy of the “Toss” Rigging Handbook, so I will have a look through that to see what is listed. If I can not personally find it, I will post your comments on the knotting forum and see what reply I get from that.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hello, I have been looking to make my own tip cap fender and not that the DIY fenders book is not available from main book shops.
    Can you help in directing me to a copy ether printed or electronic.
    Many thanks in advance for your time and information.

    • Hello Stephen, thank you so much for taking the time to contact us. Can you tell me what country you are in, I will then see if I can point you in the right direction? JD

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering which cordage would be best to use on a bell rope and where to find it.
    Thanks and happy Christmas.

        • Hello Michael

          OK if you are Facebook please feel free to join this group UK Rope Cords Tools Supplies Here you will be able to link up with everyone else struggling to get hold of good cordage. Generally if you are looking for quality cordage you would need to contact Mikko Snellman. If you send him an email and tell him what you are trying to do he will send you the correct cordage for the job. He does also do bell rope kits, if you are still learning. You can contact Mikko via the FB page above or here is his site:

  4. Hallo, can the monkey fist jig you are using be puschased or ordered through you,your advice would be appreciated.
    Kind regards T. Carver

  5. Hello fellow knotyer! I am enjoying you channel greatly! I am wondering if you could help on a certain knot idea: ending a harbor gasket with a ring at both ends. The harbor gasket can be found in Ashley’s book of knots and other books, but only show on end done. The knot is like a regular senior, middled around one ring, but ending securely around another is baffling. Please help and keep knotting!

  6. Hello! Having some issues with ending a harbor gasket with another ring : the work is started like any other sennit with odd-number strands which are middled at the first ring. So ya, could please help me figure this puzzle out? Thank you.

    • Do you have a photo of the problem? You can drag and drop a photo here: I also wonder if you are on Facebook, as there are a couple of nautical knotting groups there that may be able to help. I have located it in Ashley’s.

  7. Hello, I’m from the USA.
    I have several 50-foot watering hoses I must occasionally, manually, coil into 2-1/2 foot diameter circles. I have been securing the first end to the next circle of hose, to start off. Then coiling the remainder, then securing the entire hose with a single knot. I’m having trouble identifying which knot to use to secure the entire coiled hose, as each circle moves more or less independently of the others.

    I’m looking for a knot that will stay tight overnight, encountering either dew or rain. I tried a Bowline on a Bite, but that didn’t stay tight. That is described here:

    I will try the Nilsson Knot next, described here:

    Thanks, Kevin

  8. Please can you provide me with a private e mail address as I need to raise a serious matter that arose today that I am sure you will not want to be shared publically

  9. I am still awaiting a response or at least an acknowledgement to the serious matter I raised in my previous email.

  10. Hi Tried to buy the red and green whippingtwine via Ebay
    They do not ship to Switzerland. Do you have the adress of the company so that I could buy direct from then ??

    many thanks in advance


    • Here is their address:

      General Manager
      Sea Dogs, 25 Mereside,
      Osprey Quay
      DT5 1PY
      United Kingdom
      01305 457500

      Hope this helps.

  11. Hi,
    I represent an activity scout camp on the IOW at Easter for approx 250 Scouts. We are looking to start booking activities for next easter (Fri 19th & Sat 20th 2019).
    Are you able to provide short sessions on knot tying as an activity for our camp?

  12. Hi,
    We are a Scout Troop of around 40 youngsters in Portsmouth- just getting into Paracord and Pioneering. Is there any chance of an evenings activity with yourselves to show the Scouts why we respect Mr. Ashley and the fun they can have with a couple of pieces of rope.

    • Many thanks for contacting us. I have passed your message on and someone should be in contact with you very shortly.

      Regards John

  13. Hi there, would it be possible to do some kind of bulk order for cordage from Phillip in australia, I wanted about 20 quids worth of cord to play with, and the postage was 15, I know it doesn’t seem a lot, but I saw your unboxing of his productsn and they look great, it’d be great to get hold of some here in this country. I’m sure others would be interested in a larger order so we could reduce the shipping costs. thanks

  14. Where do I find the pattern for the knotted bottle cover that you have pictured on Pinterest? When I click on the image of the bottle, it takes me to your website but I haven’t been able to find it on your page.

    • Thanks for visiting this site and leaving a comment. One problem that I have found with pinterest is that sometime very old photos show, but are no longer in posts on this site. If you are able to show me the actual bottle, maybe I can direct you to a good source of information on how to tie it? Or, if you are looking for any information on how to cover a bottle, then please do let me know.

      Regards, John

  15. Hi John,

    Thank you so much for replying so quickly to my request. I’m not sure how to send you a copy of the image I refer to but the bottle has a big round base with a short narrow neck and is completely covered with white knots. It is sitting on a blue tablecloth with a few other smaller bottles around it.

    I’m not so much looking for directions for that particular bottle but more instrutions on how to cover any size/shape bottle in general. I have no experience at covering bottles but have always been intrigued by the craft. Any direction you can offer is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

    • Hello LLW

      Ah yes, I know the exact bottle you mean, made by a guy called Ben. (Sadly no longer with us).

      Ben used to use a couple of techniques, these two tutorials will give you a knot covered object. Rib Hitching and also Spiral Hitching Just click on either of those two to take you to the tutorial. You can also use a combination of these to form a pattern. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with? Regards, John

  16. John,

    Again – thank you so much for your quick response. I am sorry to hear of Ben’s passing.

    Thank you for the resources that you provided. I will take a look at both tutorials to see if this a project that I feel ready to tackle. I will definately give you a shout if I have any questions. I appreciate your offer of help and your willingness to share your expertise!

  17. I have a couple of questions I’m hoping that someone can & will answer.

    First, is it posible to make a 6 legged Barrel Sling? I ask because I need it to stay secure through a lot of vibration, or some easy way to tie the knots that go onto/up the sides.
    Second, as I’ve had no luck with my search-fu .. is there a knot that you could put around lines to keep them seperate and in place?
    I’d like to put a tie or wrap around with knot that is essentially flat, but will hold the “X” on the bottom of the sling in place and keeping the angles of the ‘X’ at as close to 90 degrees apart as I can; while still sitting flat(ish). Look at the bottom of the vessel in this video ( /watch?v=rpwKGE3Ylyw ) as an example of what I mean by “X”

    • I have never seen a 6 legged barrel sling, I will have a play and see if I come up with something. Perhaps using one length of cordage to go around the barrel and at each crossing place tie a clove hitch and then move onto the next and do the same?

    • Thanks for taking the time to view and also make a comment, very much appreciated. Are wanting to do decorative or practical knotting?

  18. Dear Sir,

    This is Sia Xi from Yangzhou HYropes Co., Ltd.
    Our factory is very experienced in producing rope in China.

    We can produce
    Size: 0.5mm and above
    Material: Kevlar, Dyneema ®, nylon, etc.
    MBL: By your requirement
    Linear Den: by your requirement.
    Color and package can meet your requirement.

    If you can provide samples or pictures that we can according to your requirements. And then offer.


  19. Good Morning,

    Is the Shaped Purse Making Kit still available? If so how might I obtain a kit? Thanks for your assistance.l

  20. Hello,

    This is Melitta and I am a professional illustrator.

    I was confused, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without my consent, you must be aware that you could be sued by the copyright holder.

    It’s not legal to use stolen images and it’s so mean!

    Take a look at this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to obtain evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it right now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the document above within the next several days, I’ll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.

    • Thank you for contacting me. I have followed the link that you mention above, but I am only getting a blank page. If you can direct me to the page on this site that infringes your copyright, I will have it removed immediately. Kind regards John.

  21. Love the videos. PLEASE,PLEASE, can you make a short video on the mesh knot (sheet bend) WITH a twist? I have been trying for years to figure out the proper way to tie this knot with monofilament line for a cast net. I can tie the sheet bend fine with twine…but when I do it with mono, the knots slip sometimes. I know to keep it above the loop and I can get it sometimes, just not every time. There are NO good videos on tying with monofilament, plenty with twine though. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  22. Hello. I’m aware that the author of the Turk’s Head and Globe Knots Cookbooks is no longer producing them.

    Do you know anywhere I could advertise for a used copy or if it’s possible to buy just the books as PDFs?

    I’m really desperate! I’m ex-RN and found that re-kindling my interest in knotting and rope work has greatly helped my mental well-being during the pandemic.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Shippers

      I have not been able to find the books that you are looking for…………. Ashley’s Book of Knots is online as a pdf though, but hard to use if just starting out. If you are into doing some decorative knotting projects, I would highly recommend Des Pawsons Book which you will see in this link:

      Hope this helps you in your quest.

      Yours Aye,
      an ex Stoker!

      • Hello shipmate!

        Thanks .. I have the Ashley book both in hardback and pdf form – it is quite hard going sometimes! I started knotting at Raleigh but after I did my part two training as an RO(G), I really got into it during those long, lonely hours in the wireless office. I was (much) later commissioned (SUY) and ended my career as a Lt Cdr … happy days but the happiest were as a Killick Bunting – especially when taking the mick out of the MEMs!!

        Cheers …

  23. Hello. I’m a relatively-local sailing type, constructing a Jordan Series Drogue, which has a long ‘draggy’ rode secured to the boat via a bridle. This safety device can become highly-loaded in a storm. The rode and the two arms of the bridle have long-bury eye splices. The issue is maximising the strength of the means of joining bridle-arms to the rode.

    Some individuals favour using cinch-hitches in the bridle-arms, directly onto the rode’s eyesplice…. or ‘strop bends’one on top of the other. Others look to stainless tubular thimbles and the use of an Improved Soft Shackle to join the three eyesplices.

    Could you guide on the likely loss of strength using the girth hitch/strop bend approach?

    • Wil, many thanks for visiting this site. I personally find it rather odd, that there is very little information on the net, about the strength of knots. I did sometime ago, go searching and found this information, that I have posted here: Strength or Knot Chart I am personally toying with the idea of making a hydraulic test rig??
      Hope that this helps you in some way? Kind regards, John

  24. Hello, again. Further to my query of earlier today, I can provide multiple pics of the available options, for clarity, should you be pleased to switch to email.

    Wil Bailey

  25. Hi this is John Gibson you sent me a email witch went to spam and i lost it. I still wont to send the photo of my bell rope could you send it again.
    Regards John Gibson

  26. Hi there,

    The pandemic has shown many folks the benefits of having their own methods of food production. So, I thought it would be a good time to provide some advice on how to start and sustain a truly productive garden–from layout to irrigation methods to soil management. I’ll also be sure to focus on what methods work best for fall and winter.

    I’d love to cover this topic in a resource guide for your website. Would you post it if I sent it over?

    Thank you!
    Carrie from

  27. I am a lab technician at a university and I have found myself in the position several times where I want two loops at either end of a piece of string so that when I place them over two hooks I get a very precise distance between the hooks.

    Does anyone know of a good way to tie many such lines like this to give a repeatable length?


  28. I may have missed it, but you need to do a segment on using lacing cord to secure electric wires, cables and hoses. We use this all the time instead of using cable ties. It’s stronger, lasts longer, and does not slice your arm open when you brush up against it.

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