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Knot Tying Tutorials and Meetings

Practical and Decorative Knots: On this website you will find Knot Tying Tutorials in A-Z of Knots section of this website and also in the Blog Section, you will find many interesting articles on Knot Tying. If you are looking for something specific, us the search box on this site.

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Who Are IGKT Solent

A small group of people in the Solent area (Hampshire – Isle of Wight – East Dorset), who are members of the IGKT (International Guild of Knot Tyers). Members come from a variety of backgrounds with a wide knowledge base. ages spanning from 16 to bus pass and beyond!
Wide variety of skills – including practical knots, splicing, ropework, macramé, decorative knots, net making and traditional sailors crafts.

A-Z of Knots Index

If you are looking how to tie particular knot, then why not browse our A-Z of Knots Index. We are constantly adding to this section, so please do check it on a regular basis.

Or if you are looking for a specific knot, then why not use the search box at the top right of this and all other pages?

Knotting Knots Videos

For a full list of practical knot and decorative knot, pop over to YouTube to see all the knotting videos, YouTube Knotting Knots:

Knot Meetings

MEET to Talk About Knots to exchange views, knowledge, information and socialise.
TALK & DEMONSTRATE Knotting to Associations, Groups, Clubs, Guilds and Youth organisations
KEEP ALIVE Knot Work the traditional crafts and develop new skills with modern materials
DISPLAY WORK AND DEMONSTRATE Knot Work at events, such as County Shows, Local Fetes, Maritime events etc.

How to Tie Knots

Rope Mat

Anyone with a genuine interest in knot tying, splicing or decorative rope craft is welcome to join us at our bi-monthly meetings by clicking the ‘Contact’ link above and filling out the form. Upon completion you should hear back within a couple of days.

 Happy Knotting!