Decorated Hiking Stick Walk Through

Decorated Hiking Stick Walk Through (get it?) Sorry not a knot today, but a walk through on how I decorated a hiking stick made by Cosh Bushcraft. In this video I show the knots used and the transition from one knot to another. So #LetsGetKnotting

Knots Used on a Decorative Hiking Stick

When we look at the above photo you will see from top to bottom the following decorative knots have been used:

Star Knot Six Pointed

The rope handle is attached to the hiking stick with a 6 pointed star knot. Click on link for: Instructions for the Star Knot.

Turks Head 4 Bight

Next on the rope handle you will see a white simple 4 bight turks head. This is really easy to tie and you will see how it is done in this link: Instructions for the 4 Bight Turks Head.

Portuguese Sennit

Next the handle is made using the Portuguese Sennit and once again this is a very easy knot to tie: Instructions for the Portuguese Sennit.

Long 4 Bight Multi Lead Turks Head Wrap

The final wrap around the actual staff itself is a 4 Bight Multi Lead Turks Head. If you struggle with the 4 Bight Long Turks Head, you may find the 2 Bight Long Turks Head a little easier to deal with:

4 Bight Long Turks Head

2 Bight Long Turks Head

Click on image below to view Myerchin collection:

Myerchin Rigging Knives

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