Ditty Bag

This is not a how to, I just wanted to show photos of my ditty bag that I made years ago.

Making a Ditty Bag

Making a Ditty Bag is a very personal thing. You may find that over time you will make a number of Ditty Bags. The main reason being is that when you first start out knotting, you have a desire to make a Ditty Bag (well I did). You then go ahead and make your first Ditty Bag and you feel very proud to have achieved that. Also at the same time, you vow never to make another Ditty Bag again! As you look at your new Ditty Bag, you remember all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it. Not to mention the pain and the newly formed callouses that now decorate your hands.

Ditty Bag Showcase

For many people the Ditty Bag is a showcase of the knotting and sewing skills that they have learnt and put into the making of a Ditty Bag. As time goes by new skills and knots are learnt. Also the memory of the pain of making a Ditty Bag has long faded. So you feel a need to make another Ditty Bag, and showcase your newest skills combined with older skills that you still love.

Ditty Bag
Ditty Bag

For more information about the Ditty Bag, click on one of the links or search this site for Ditty Bag.

I now have 4 Ditty Bags and I get the feeling that there will be another in the near future!!!

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Ditty Bag Back
Ditty Bag Front



Ditty Bag Falklands War HMS Glamorgan
Ditty Bag Falklands War HMS Glamorgan

Ditty Bag Remembering the Cold War era

The Ditty Bag below shows a County Class, Guided Missile Destroyer, HMS Glamorgan. The Hammer and Sickle of the USSR, on the base of the bag. Knots used are; Cockscombing; Turks Head and Continues Crowning.

Cold War Era Ditty Bag #LetsGetKnotting

Ditty Bag Book

Ditty Bag
Ditty Bag Book The Ditty Bag Book teaches modern-day sailors the art form of hand-making ditty bags to use on their own seaward travels.
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    • Well Spotted! Yes, just wanted a way of sometimes being able to carry my Ditty Bag, this way the hands are free to do other things. Are you making a Ditty Bag?

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