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Knot Craft Des Pawson Review

Des Pawson’s Knot Craft and Rope Mats – Book Review

I personally have to say that I am a great fan of this book on knot craft. When I first started knotting, I started off with Ashley Book of Knots and was almost instantly disappointed in the fact that I could not produce decorative rope work. I think the problem with this book is, that it is a little too complicated for a beginner. Or maybe I should say, too complicated for thicky, thicky like me. However, I did not give up and eventually I came across an early version of this book. At last I had discovered a book that would guide me step by step into producing decorative knot-work. I have to say that that my work, even though I followed the instructions, was a little bit ropey. The one thing that the book does not really teach you is the correct tension. I would find that sometimes the work was a little too loose, followed by over tightening. That sort of problem quickly cured itself with a little bit of time and experience.

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I did many of the projects from that knot craft book, in fact some of the projects I did several times because I really enjoyed making some of the projects. The other advantage of using this book was that it then allowed me to pick up Ashley Book of Knots and understand it in greater detail.

I still have the older version of the book and many of those projects are in the new book. However, I will not get rid of the old book, as it allows me to have 2 books in different locations for reference.

Below are some of the knotting projects that are included in this book:

Shackle Release Lanyard
Portuguese Sennit Bracelet shift
Bell Ropes Various
Deluxe Keyring
Pyramid Keyring
Fenders Various
Simple Lanyard
Fancy Lanyard
Bo’sun’s Chair/Swing
Rope Handrails
Cat of Nine Tails
Binoculars Strapped
Turks Head’s Various
Knot Board
Rope Mats Various

Knot Craft and Rope Mats for Paracord?

Some people may ask, “is the knot craft book any good for Paracord?” Although the book itself concentrates on more traditional styles of knot work. Many of the knotting projects can be done using Paracord. Even making rope mats, these can be done with Paracord and used as, say for example, coasters.

Knot Craft and Rope Mats Review

Why not take a peek inside the book, by watching this video below:

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