Paracord and Rope Work Finishing Solution Video

How to Protect Your Knot Work

Finishing Solution

Paracord and Rope Work Finishing Solution Protect Your Work and Stop Knots Coming Undone

Decorative Knot Work Protection

I thought I would do a short video on the finishing solution that I make up to project some of my knotting projects. Basically, I use the solution for two purposes. Firstly, I use it to protect some of my work from the elements, so it it gets grimy it can easily be cleaned. I do use this solution on my Bell Ropes, then every so often I give them a quick wash and they are as good a new. Secondly, it also gives me added protection on finishing knots, it acts like a glue to keep the knot secure. The solution in my case is 50/50 of PVA Glue and water, this can be adjusted depending on the work being done, as explained in the video


UK Get PVA Glue Here:

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