Reever Knot

How to Tie the Reever Knot or Reever Bend

Another knot that to me is named a little incorrectly. The Reever Knot is really a Bend and I think in that case should be known as the Reever Bend. I sometimes wonder why some knots get called knots, when technically they should be known as a Bend. Unless of course the Reever Knot was a knot tied into the same piece of rope?

Reever Knot or Reever Bend

What is the Reever Knot Used For?

There is relatively little information as to what the Reever Knot is actually used for. Having said that, the Reever Knot does make a rather decorative and streamline knot. The Reever Knot does have a reputation of being a rather secure knot, and also not prone to shake free. The security comes from the fact that both lines are clamped twice within the actual knot itself. If you know of where and and what situation the Reever Knot is used, then please do leave a comment below?

How to Tie the Reever Knot Video Tutorial

In this video you will learn how to tie the Reever Knot. There is no additional chat, just how to tie the knot itself. I would like to have added more, but as I say I know rather little about this knot.

How to Tie the Reever Knot Video



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  1. Regarding usefullnes, perhaps the Reever may compare to the square knot like the dragon to the bowline knot.

    Thanks for great videos and engagement!

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