Star Knot Crowned – How to Tie







Star Knot Crowned

When I first saw the Star Knot I was certainly not too keen to learn how to tie it. I thought that the Star Knot would be a rather difficult knot to learn to tie. However I one day got hold of Des Pawson’s book on Knotcraft and started to follow the instructions. To my amazement I found that there were only a couple of steps that you needed to follow on each individual star point.

One problem that I did encounter when creating the Star Knot, was that I found it difficult to visualise where the cordage went as it disappeared within the actual Star Knot. With time I got used to just making a gently tug on the cordage, to see where it moved further down the line.

Now I am able to tie the Star Knot without too much thought on what I am actually doing. Just give it a few goes and be patient and you will enjoy the final result.

Star Knot Video Tutorial

In today’s little video, I use four coloured rope to show how the Star Knot is tied. Hopefully, some people will find this easier to follow because of the colours and the use of a hefty cord. So #LetsGetKnotting :

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