What Got Me Started in Knotting

Rope Bottle Opener

I thought that for my first post I would like to explain how I got into knotting.

Many years ago (early 1960’s) my father was stationed in Aden. We would often go to the beach in the afternoons, as the army there worked a topical routine. For me it was great, I would swim in the sea or the nearby pool and not have a care in the world – why would I, I was only about 5.

One thing that I do remember was that a friend of my dad’s Rory Bell would wonder along the beach and collect old discarded rope to make things out of it. The bottle opener is an example of his work.

At the time I had no interest in what he was doing, it was just part of the routine of being there.

Anyway, a couple of years ago my mother died and dad left the house to become a Chelsea Pensioner. It was when clearing the house out that I came across the above bottle opener. Wow holding it just brought back all the wonderful memories of being a child in Aden.

I also thought to myself how hard is it to make such a thing? Well I am now in my second year of doing this “frustrating” art, I still have a long way to go to achieve something similar to the above.

So my plan is to write this blog, show the good and the ugly and see if I will ever match that standard that has been set by Rory.

Rope Bottle Opener

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