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Des Pawson’s Knot Craft Book Review — 3 Comments

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  2. I am ex RN(CPO MW) and think I know my knots. However a running turks head eludes me. I have a specific need to learn this as I have a charity project.

    Can you help? I am willing to travel from Weumouth for a lesson!!

    Yours Aye


    • Hello Brian

      Do or did you ever come across Alan Mills? We were both at school together and we joined the Navy at the same time, he went MW and I settled for being a Stoker. Over the years I would run into him in Vernon and Portsmouth Dockyard.

      Anyway back onto the real problem, the Turks Head. Actually there is a branch of the IGKT that meet in Weymouth, maybe one of those members would be able to help you out? The person to contact is Peter Goldstone mentioned in this event Knotting AGM His telephone and email are listed there also. If you have any problems, please do get back in touch. Regards, John.

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