Barrel Sling 4 Legged

Barrel Sling 4 Legged

How to Tie a 4 Legged Barrel Sling

Now you would think that tying a four legged barrel sling would be rather difficult. However, this is not the case, as I recently came across this Quick Tie Barrel Sling method

Barrel Sling – 4 Legged Version A very easy technique to learn and giving additional security as the Barrel is suspended with four legs. The 4 legged version is great for lifting open barrels on end, or just a decorative way of suspending pot plants.

2 Legged Barrel Sling

Hanging Pot Plants with the Barrel Sling

Since doing this video, I have had a lot of feedback form people, who say that this particular way of suspending pot plants is quick and simple.

Four Leg Barrel Sling Video

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