Ground-line Hitch

How to Tie the Ground-line Hitch

The Ground-line Hitch is considered to be a little more secure than the Clove Hitch. So if you are looking for a good way of securing a line to a spar or stanchion, then it is well worth considering the Ground-line Hitch. The Ground-line Hitch is very quick and easy to tie and can be also tied with a quick release slip.

What is the Ground-line Hitch Used For?

According the Geoffrey Budworth, the Ground-line Hitch is often used by fishing trawlers on their nets for catching cod. The US Cavalry also adopted this knot to tie their horses to a picket line.

The Knot gets it’s name because it is often attached to the groundline, a weighted rope that is on the bottom of a fishing net.

One of the problems to be aware of with the Ground-line Hitch is that it does not behave well if the rope is swinging.

How to Tie the Ground-line Hitch Video

In this short video, you will learn how to tie the Ground-line Hitch.

How to Tie the Ground-line Hitch Video


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