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Yes, I know a knife!! However, one of the issues that I have is being able to cut the end of a rope squarely. Whenever I cut a rope with a knife I find that the blade of a knife tends to wander and ends up cutting at an angle. I sometimes wonder if it is the shape of the blade that causes the problem. I really do suspect the problem may lie with me.

It was recommended to me by Ken Yalden and a couple of other seasoned knotters that give the Wolfcraft Mega Cut – Extra Power a go. I was also suggested another tool that was similar, but could not find that online.

In the video below, I show the boxing getting straight into using the Wolfcraft tool. Initially, I gave this product a review rating of 8/10, but have since upgraded that 9/10. As with any tool, it can get a little getting used to using it. I think that trying to use the tool on a climbing rope was a little bit extreme. It did however cut the rope, but obviously the rope has additional strength properties which prevented the tool from cutting it in one action. Also considering I would probably never do any decorative rope work with that sort of climbing rope, I am not sure that the test qualifies.

Wolfcraft Mega Cut – Extra Power

Now that I have used the Wolfcraft Mega Cut on a number of different decorative rope work projects, it has now proved to be one of my go to tools! I love the fact that the blade can easily be changed and also the fact that these blades readily available. I would recommend that clients use, with a tool in the closed position, hold it up to the light and see if there is any light coming through between the blade and anvil. Less light you see, the neater your cut will be. Once again this can be adjusted by the three screws holding the blade.

Wolfcraft Mega Cut USA

Wolfcraft Mega Cut UK

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