Ranger Bead Lanyard

Ranger Bead Lanyard

Ranger Bead Lanyard – Pace Counter Lanyard

How to use a Ranger Bead or Pace Counter Lanyard

I am by no means an expert in this, but a little bit of research has given me the following answers:

In order to use a pace counter lanyard, the user will need to know the relationship between the number of paces walked and the distance which has been travelled.

In order for the pace counter to be accurate the user needs to measure out an exact distance of 100m or 1/10 of a mile. Once this distance has been marked out the user walks between these two points counting the number of paces. Maybe two or three more times to check accuracy? Now that the number of paces is known to walk 100m or 1/10 of a mile, the Pace Counter Lanyard can be used.

All beads are pushed to the top of the lanyard prior to starting.

So if for example a walker takes 45 paces to cover 100m, then each time they get to a count of 45 paces, they move the lowest bead of the lower set of beads down to the stopper knot. This will then indicate they have covered 100m or 1/10 of a mile. This is continued until all nine of the lower beads are pushed down, indicating that they have walked 900m or 9/10 of a mile. Then when they have walked the next 45 paces, they move the lowest of the top beads down to the stopper knot and all the lower beads are push back to the top of their section. Clear as mud? I do also try to explain this at the end of the video.

Water Counter Lanyard

If you want a simple lanyard to use to keep track of say for example how much water you are drinking a day, then you can use a shorter modified version of the Pace Counter Lanyard to keep track of your intake. Basically this decorative lanyard is a primitive but rather handy way of keeping track of things.

Lanyard Measuring Device

“Gerard Johnson” said: I use one of those for keeping count when harvesting fish so as not to exceed creel limits. If made with proper distance between stopper knots, it also works as a measure for fish size limits.

Decorative Knife Lanyard

There is no reason that the Ranger Bead Lanyard, could not be used as a knife Lanyard. Not only does this make a rather nice Paracord lanyard for your knife, but should the need arise, your lanyard can then turn into something useful as a Pace Counter!

How to Tie a Ranger Bead Lanyard

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOhzWK9CSIs[/embedyt]


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