Double Alpine Butterfly Loop Quick Tie Version

Double Alpine Butterfly Loop

How to Tie the Double Alpine Butterfly Loop

The Double Alpine Butterfly Loop can be used in the bight of a rope to where more than one loop is beneficial. Equipment can be secured to each individual loop or both loops at once for additional security. The Alpine Butterfly Loop also can easily be checked visually to see if it has been tied correctly. The sizes of each loop can also be easily adjusted to suite the users needs. As well as being easy to tie, it is also relatively easy to untie. However in some cases if the rope is wet and has been under load, it can make it more difficult to untie.

Quick Tie Double Alpine Butterfly Loop

In this video I demonstrate how to tie the quick tie version of the Double Alpine Butterfly Loop, In fact trying it is that same as tying the Alpine Butterfly Loop with the addition on one extra turn.


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