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Globe Knot Turks Head Cookbook Review Video — 5 Comments

  1. Sallyandbill.miller@gmail.com
    I have: Turkshead cook book Vol. One and vol. two.
    I can’t find a resale price for these books.
    Don Burrhus web site doesn’t have any listings, it says he’s not selling stuff at this time.
    I’m trying to clean out brother’s Estes and found a full bag of cording, books and tools never been used. Any idea what this would sell for.

    • I would say that the Turks Head books do have some value, as they are now very rare. I often get people asking where they can get a copy from? As for the tools, it is difficult to say if they have any value. Are you able to get some photos of the tools?

      Kind regards, John

    • Hi Sally, I see it’s an old comment but do you still have this books and tools? I have interest on it. Let me now please.

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