Knotting Tools Video

I have put together a short video on knotting tools, actually it’s really a delve into my ditty bags and see what tools I have. If you are looking for a post that deals with all knotting tools then I am afraid this is not really for you.

I mainly specialise in decorative knots, so my tools are mainly for that purpose. Just click on the video below for it to play.

Knotting Tools for Sale

I am often asked where I get my knotting tools from. Many of the standard tools I got from Amazon and you will find them on this page: However the more specialised or should I say sexy tools are available here:

Knotting Tools America

I personally got my tools from an American guy called PJ ( and you can contact him on that address. I am sure that there are other tool makers in the States, but I have not had the privilege of handling them.

Stainless Steel and Brass Marlin Spike
Marlin Spike

The above spike was by PJ and I dressed it. This was taken a few years ago and now the white is no more 😉

Tapered Grip Fid

Myerchin Marlin Spike

Even though this marlin spike is not as decorative as a custom made marlin spike. Myerchin sell a wonderful stainless steel marlin spike.

Marlin Spike
Ditty Bag Book Although not as decorative, Myerchin do make a beautiful Marlin Spike and are readily available.
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Shop UK

Knotting Tools Europe

If you live in the EU zone, then I would say that two good knotting tool suppliers are:

Lasse Carenvall and this is his shop site: LeatherandCordage

He does also make other tools as shown in the picture below:

Swedish Fid

So why not drop Lasse a line and see what he has to offer?

Mikko Snellman is another maker of fine Knotting Tools and can be contacted here:
Here is a sample of the Popular Travellers Marlin Spike

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