IGKT Meeting Long Foot-Rope & Pineapple Knot

Making Pineapple Knot

IGKT-Solent Branch Meeting

Long Footrope Knot On Tuesday 8 October we had another excellent branch meeting. As usual we were assigned homework, this time the knot to learn was the Long Foot-Rope Knot. This particular knot did cause some confusion as it depended on which book you used as a reference! However, it was once again down to Bob to show us the correct version of the knot.

My understanding of the knot is as follows. The knot is actually tied into a length of rope, it is designed to hold a rope in position preventing it from passing through the structure supporting it. This formed part of the rope that sailors stood on when lowering or hosting the sails.

Pineapple Knot

Steve Judkins gave an excellent demonstration on how to tie the pineapple knot. It Making Pineapple Knotwould appear that it is a Turks Head within a larger Turks head. I have to say that the remonstration made it look rather easy to do, mind you it did help with him using different coloured cord. We all did comment on the fact that if you were to use the same colour cord, it would be a nightmare.

So do I know how to tie the Pineapple knot, no, I really need more practice and instruction!!

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