My New Knotting Apprentice

A Chocolate Labrador Retriever called Bear

OK nothing really to do with knotting, but I just wanted to introduce board followers to Bear.

At the time of writing Bear is 10 weeks old and it is my plan to make him my knotting apprentice just like my last faithful dog Blake. OK Blake could not tie knots either, but he would often sit by my side absorbing the sun as I got frustrated trying to master the art of knot tying.

I do however have higher hopes for Bear, as he does seem to have more interest in rope than Blake had.

So anyway, here are some picture of the little lad (as usual click on the photos to enlarge):

Bear at about 6 weeks old:

Bear Chocolate Labrador Puppy

Bear at 8 weeks old:

Bear Chocolate Labrador Puppy
And finally you can see that he is making an effort to become my Knotting Apprentice:

Bear the chocolate Labrador playing with rope

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