Marline Eye Splice

Marline Eye Splice, Tucked Eye Splice

How to Tie the Marline Eye Splice

How to Tie the Marlin Eye Splice

Marlin Eye Splice

Marline Eye Splice, Lazy Eye Splice, Fast Eye Splice (More Secure Than You Think) The Marline Eye Splice also known as Contractors Eye Splice, Fisherman’s Eye Splice, Fast Eye Splice, Tucked Eye Splice, Lazy Splice and the Lubber’s Eye Splice. Here is a video on Facebook showing the Marline Eye Splice and the Eye Splice being tested for strength BELOW.

The Marline Eye Splice is really a very quick and easy way of putting an Eye Splice into a rope. It would also be a very secure way of putting and Eye Splice into a rope, but how secure??

Marline Eye Splice v Eye Splice Test:

Swedish Fid for Splicing

Often when splicing a rope, as Swedish fid is used to assist in the process. The Swedish Fid is passed under that strands of the main rope, the hollowed out section then allows the loose strand to be easily passed under the main strands:

Swedish Fid
When splicing rope, these are great tools to help you get your strands under the lay of the rope.
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