Short Splice

Short Splice

How to Join 2 Ropes with a Short Splice

The Short Splice is a very simple way and secure way of joining two lengths of 3 strand rope together. This is a great way of making a rope longer or cutting out the damaged part of a rope and joining it again with a short splice. However, if the rope is required for running rigging, then this method of splicing may not be suitable. The problem is that the short splice does increase the diameter of the rope, which means that the rope may not be able to pass through any blocks or pulleys.

How Tie a Short Splice Rope

In this short video I show how to short splice a rope using three coloured strands of rope. As with other splicing if using natural rope then a minimum of three tucks are used, with synthetic rope a minimum of 5 tucks should be used. For those interested in the strength of the short splice, checkout Strength of Knot Chart.

How to Do Short Splice Video

Ashley’s says the following: 2635. The “Over and Under,” or “Sailor’s Short Splice,” also called “Short Splice” and “Regular Short Splice.” All early nautical authorities, beginning with Captain John Smith, called this the Round Splice. Falconer, in 1769, was the first to call it the Short Splice. The earliest Short Splice was tucked twice full size.

Swedish Fid for Splicing

Often when splicing a rope, as Swedish fid is used to assist in the process. The Swedish Fid is passed under that strands of the main rope, the hollowed out section then allows the loose strand to be easily passed under the main strands:

Swedish Fid
When splicing rope, these are great tools to help you get your strands under the lay of the rope.
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