Monkey Fist Doorstop

Monkeys Fist Doorstop

How to Tie a Monkey’s Fist Doorstop

The Monkey’s Fist Doorstop is relatively easy to tie. Watching the video on How to Tie the Monkey’s Fist, will guide you through the whole process. However, once you have created the basic outline of the Monkey’s Fist, you will need to go round and tighten all the turns in turn. DO NOT be tempted to just go round and pull it tight with all your might, just take your time and gently tighten up the Monkey’s Fist. As you tighten look at the turns underneath, to make sure you are not crushing them and forcing them to become misshapen or crossed!

Long Handled Monkey’s Fist Doorstop

Here is a quick present that I created over the weekend for someone. They wanted a large monkey fist to keep one of their doors ajar.

When I created this one I decided that it should have a long loop so that it could be hung over the door handle. The loop was just long enough so that the monkey fist would drag on the floor when the door was opened or shut. This way instead of opening the door the desired amount, then with your foot rolling the monkey fist into position, by being attached to the handle the fist would always follow the door.

The actual rope was some second hand stuff that I found dirt cheap at a car boot sale.

Monkeys Fist Doorstop

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Five Pass Monkey’s Fist Doorstop

This is a close up of a 5 pass Monkey’s Fist, made from 1/2 inch diameter rope. The overall length of rope used to create this Monkey’s Fist was about 23 foot. This photo is not the completed Monkey’s Fist, as I will still need to go round a few times and gently tighten up.

Monkey’s Fist 5 Passes

How to Tie the Monkey’s Fist Video

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to tie the Monkey’s Fist. If you are tying one from Paracord or large diameter rope, the process is still the same.

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