Monkey’s Fist Using a Jig How to Tie

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How to Tie a Monkeys Fist on a Jig

The Monkeys First is a relatively easy knot to tie. The task can be made even easier if you have A Monkey Fist Jig to work with. When I first started knotting I decided that I wanted a Monkey Fist Jig, and as a result came across PJ who actually made them. Also because I am an ex-engineer, I fell in love with this wonderfully engineered Monkey Fist Jig.

PJ does also make wonderful marlin spikes, like you can see in the video image above. However, I think due to the complexity of the Monkey Fist Jig, I don’t think that he makes them any more.

How to Make a Monkeys Fist on a Jig Video

In this short video, I demonstrate how to make a monkey fist on a jig.

Monkey Fist Jig for Sale

Monkey Fist Jig
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