Rib Hitching or Vertical Hitching

Rib Hitching Vertical Hitching







How to Rib Hitch or Vertical Hitch

Rib Hitching or Vertical Hitching is a really great way of decorating an object. As you will see, this works well with Paracord, but also it can very easily be used with thinner cordage. Rib Hitching is not too dissimilar to Spiral or Half Hitching

Usually when I start Rib Hitching or Spiral Hitching I start off with a Timber Hitch the main reason is that the Timber Hitch is a very low profile knot and also extremely easy to tie. If you do find that the beginning of your hitching is a little untidy, then this can also be covered with a Turks Head.

There is also no reason why when hitching you do not use a combination of hitches or a change of direction, in order to create a more decorative pattern.

Rib Hitching Video Tutorial


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