Span Loop

Span Loop Knot

How to Tie the Span Loop

Span Loop

I wonder why the Span Loop is not more widely known? I only recently discovered this knot and found it to be an extremely useful knot to know. The wonderful thing about the Span Loop Knot is that it is so easy to tie. The other great feature about the Span Loop is that it is also extremely easy to untie, even when it has been heavily loaded.

Span Loop ABoK 1049

I am not sure how the Span Loop compares in security over the much loved Alpine Butterfly Loop, but I have to say that the Span Loop makes a very good general purpose loop knot on the bight of a rope. If you have experience of both the Span Loop and the Alpine Butterfly, then please do let me know your finding in the comments below.

ABoK 1049 Span Loop

How to Tie the Span Loop Knot Video

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