Stevedore Stopper Knot

Stevedore Stopper Knot

How to Tie the Stevedore Stopper Knot

The Stevedore Stopper Knot is a great little knot for tying into the end of a rope. The idea of a stopper knot is that it prevents a line from completely coming free form say a pulley or block and tackle. The Stevedore Knot  is also a good knot to use on the wooden base of a swing.

Stevedore Knot Name

I have read a couple of articles as the where the Stevedore Knot name came from. It is often thought that the Stevedore also known as long shoreman, docker, dockie or dockworker, was actually named after the Stevedore, as they used this knot whilst loading and unloading vessels. However, I did read somewhere else that the name Stevedore came about, as there was a particular brand of rope known as the Stevedore.

Pulley Block

How to Tie the Stevedore Knot Video

The knot itself is very easy to tie, and also relatively easy to untie, even if it has been under load.

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