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Kalmyk Loop — 2 Comments

  1. Well I never, I just found the Kalmyk knot. I never knew it had a name, but. I am a retired truck driver and as such have a handful of useful knots 9from before the days of curtainsiders). I needed a knot that I could hang round something and really, really pull on it, yet would come undone after it had pulled 8 tonnes of artic tractor unit. this was the knot I used, but never knew it had a name of fame like this. lovely videos by the way, and the way I found your site was hunting for Purse Nets.

    • Thanks John, I love purse nets, as they make good hammocks for storing stuff in, well that is what I use them for. Yes, I too like the Kalmyk Loop, but my go to knot is the Imitation Slipped Bowline, have a look and see what you think of it? Imitation Slipped Bowline

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