Violin Bend

Violin Bend

How to Tie the Violin Bend

The Violin Bend is a rather simple way of tying two ropes together. It would appear that this knot is closely related to Ashley’s Book of Knots number 1422. The bend shown in ABoK does not have a name, but Ashley does go on to say that particular knot is very difficult to undo. However, in contrast the Violin Bend is also easy to untie even when it has been under extreme load. I did also read somewhere else that the Violin Bend can also be used to join two dissimilar sized ropes.

ABoK 1422

ABoK 1422

I would suggest though that the if  you are going to use the Violin Bend, maybe do a few tests of your own as you put it through its paces.

If  you do have any more information about the Violin Bend, Please do leave me a comment down below.


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  1. The Violin bend is exactly the REVERSE of ABOK 1422! That is, to get the violin shape to appear, in 1422, you have to pull on the WORKING ends, (just the opposite of the Violin bend). When 1422 is place under load, it capsizes into something resembling a capsized Carrick bend, (try it)! Unlike the Carrick bend, though, ABOK 1422 is very difficult to untie after it’s been under load, just as Ashley asserts.

    I enjoy your videos, and would not mind exchanging a few emails with you. I’m a friend of Dave Root, (co-author of the KnotTyer program). We playtest each other’s software, from time to time, and exchange knot ideas.

    Best Wishes,
    Tom Sales

    Anyway, nice

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