Axle Hitch

Axle Hitch Tow Rope

How to Tie the Axle Hitch

In this short video I will demonstrate how to tie the Axle Hitch. I am not sure when I last saw a vehicle with an axle, as I think they are all now with independent suspension. However, there is no reason why the axle hitch cannot be tied in the same way on 2 uprights.

Simple Tow Rope

Not only does the axle hitch make an excellent simple tow-rope, but I have also seen it being used to pull pallets from the front of the truck trailer to the rear, in order for a forklift to remove the pallets and lower it to the floor. In a demonstration that I saw, the forklift truck was not at the same level as the trailer bed.

In Ashley’s Book of Knots it shows the final knot as a bowline, he also goes on to suggest that the Midshipman’s Hitch would also be a suitable knot. I personally like the idea of using the Imitation Slipped Bowline, as it is easy to tie and even quicker to untie.

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