Imitation Slipped Bowline

Imitation Slipped Bowline

How to Tie the Imitation Slipped Bowline

This is a little update since originally writing this post……………….. I have to say, that since learning how to tie the Imitation Slipped Bowline, this has become my go to end of line loop knot. Even the this particular Bowline is slipped, I find that if pulled up tight and dressed properly, I have never had this one accidentality tripped. Obviously, only you will know whether or not the Imitation Slipped Bowline is suitable for the job at hand.

Imitation Slipped Bowline

Imitation Slipped Bowline – Better than the Bowline?

I had never heard about or even seen this particular knot, until it was introduced to by Greg Letter. I understand that he came up with this knot whilst messing about with some cordage.

As you can see I have also put in the title better than a Bowline? Well, I certainly have to say it is very easy to tie and also untie, even when it has been under load. I think the fact that it is slipped, does help. But for those of you that prefer more security, the video does show a great way of adding a half hitch to make it more secure. But is it a strong loop? Well the best test that I have done is to swing my massive body of the Imitation Slipped Bowline, and it certainly does appear to be strong in that way.

I found that when tying this, it was not dissimilar to tying the Evenk Hitch. Click on Link to view Evenk Hitch. So I wonder if the Imitation Slipped Bowline, would also be a useful knot for Bushcrafters?

How to Tie the Imitation Slipped Bowline Video

In this Video Tutorial on how to tie the Imitation Slipped Bowline, you will not only learn how to tie this knot, but also get additional information about the loop knot.

Imitation Slipped Bowline Test

If you learn to use the Imitation Slipped Bowline, I would love to hear how you got on testing this particular loop knot? Just leave me a comment below, as I would love to hear your oppinion. #LetsGetKnotting

Imitation Slipped Bowline Video Tutorial

This is the short and sweet version with less chat!

Imitation Slipped Bowline Video


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