HMS Albion Bell Ropes

I just had to share this with the world. I was sent these two pictures via Twitter from HMS Albion: New ceremonial bell ropes arrive – amazing!

You have to admit that this is very fine work!

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HMS Albion Bell Rope HMS Albion Bell Rope


HMS Albion on Twitter

A new Captain joined HMS Albion yesterday, blow me over, he had a Twitter account. So I asked him if he could get the “Albion Twitter Comms Rating” to reply to my Tweets. Had a few replies in my in-box this morning.
I had the following reply:
“Good afternoon Knotter. TY for the ongoing enthusiastic support and interest. I have just seen your message to the Captain. How can I help?”

Bell Rope Made at HMS Raleigh

“Delighted for you to use the bell rope images on your website. Our bell rope which we will gift to Chester next week was made by the sailors on most recent LH seamanship spec course at RALEIGH.”
“The other ceremonial bell ropes were made by one of the riggers who gifted them to the ship. He wishes to stay anonymous so we have not given any detail”

How to Make a Bell Rope

On this site knotting website, there are a number of pages that display various bell ropes, also there are a few pages, where you will get a good idea on how some of the bell ropes were made. So to see more click How to Make a Bell Rope.

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