Spiral Crown Knot

Spiral Crown Knot

How to Tie the Spiral Crown Knot

The Spiral Crown Knot is probably one of the first decorative knots that you will learn to tie. You may already know how to tie the Crown Knot, well the Spiral Crown Knot is just a variation on that. The wonderful thing about the Crown Knot and the Spiral Crown Knot in its simplest form, is that you can incorporate two different colours and get a rather pleasing effect.

Spiral Crown Knot Key Fob or Knife Lanyard

Obviously when you first learn to tie knots, you actually want to make something that is not only decorative, but also very useful. This is where the Spiral Crown Knot is very useful. Once you have learnt to tie the Spiral Crown Knot, after only a few minutes of work, you will start to produce a rather pleasing lanyard.

Spiral Crown Knot to Cover an Object

You may also be interested in how the Spiral Crown Knot can be used to cover an object, such as a hiking stick. Well this can be done with the use of Continues Crowning.

Continues Crowning Over an Object

In the example above you can see how Continues Crowning can be used to cover an object.

Basic Spiral Crown Knot

If you are just starting out, then the basic Spiral Crown knot is a great little project to start with. Then as you get the hang of doing that, you can then move onto doing something like the continues crowning above. Yes, it is quite a bit harder, as you there are far more strands to deal with and also the added difficulty of keeping the crowning nice and tight.

Spiral Crown Knot Video

In this short video, you will learn how to tie the basic Spiral Crown Knot. All you need to do is get yourself two lengths of your favourite cord, also you can start out using two different coloured cords to make your first little project.

Beginners Guide to Knotting Projects

When I first started out on my knotting venture. I wondered how hard is was to produce something decorative with a length of rope. I soon found out that the process was not a simple one at all. However I did find that by watching videos and also having a copy of Des Pawson’s book did help me a great deal.

What Cordage Should I Use for Decorative Knotting?

I would say, if you are just starting out and learning to tie decorative knots, then using Paracord is a good for colourful and decorative knots. However, if you are like me and love traditional rope work, then you are looking for 3 strand hard lay cordage (but harder to find).

How Much Paracord Do I Need for a Knotting Project?

This is not a very simple question to answer. But in general for much of my decorative knotwork, I usually calculate for every inch that I do, I will need about 1 foot of cordage.

Paracord Supplies for Decorative Knotwork

So if you are just starting out in the world of knot tying, then maybe get your self a couple of different coloured lengths of paracord. Below I have is a good supplier of paracord:

If you do take up this hobby, you can expect sore fingers and frustration, but you will be so proud when you have completed a knotting project! So good luck and please feel free to contact me and show me your work. Just leave me a message in the comments section below. Also if you have a question, please do leave a comment below also.

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