Alpine Butterfly Loop

Alpine Butterfly Loop

How to Tie the Alpine Butterfly Loop (Revisited)

In a previous video I showed how to tie the Alpine Butterfly Loop. However, Since doing that video I have discovered and even quicker way of tying this particular loop/

Alpine Butterfly Loop Quick Tie Method

The wonderful thing about this method is, that it really only involves wrapping a rope around the hand three times. Once you have your three turn it is just a matter for taking one of the leads a and passing it under the next, over everything and then back under everything. I have now read what I wrote and I think best we let the video do the demonstration of how to tie the Alpine Butterfly Loop.

How to Tie the Alpine Butterfly Loop Video

Alpine Butterfly Loop Uses

The Alpine Butterfly Loop is particularly useful if you need a loop in a rope that is away from either ends. It can also be tied without having to use either ends of the rope, in other words in the bight of a rope. Numerous loops could also be made for hand holds along the length of a rope.

The Alpine Butterfly Loop can also be used to bypass a damaged area of a rope. In other words the damaged part of the rope is within the actual loop of the knot. If this is the case, the actual loop should not be used!

What is the Alpine Butterfly Loop Used for?

If you want a really secure midline loop knot, then the Alpine Butterfly Loop performs this task extremely well. The Alpine Butterfly Loop can be tied midline without the need to use the ends of a rope. Another use for the Alpine Butterfly Loop is that if a section of rope is damaged, the damaged part of the rope can be bypassed by having the damaged part of the rope in the loop. However, if this is done for that purpose, the loop is not to be used for security purposes.

Alpine Butterfly Loop #LetsGetKnotting

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